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OUR MISSION is to support any citizen of the world achieve linguistic and working opportunities abroad. Rainbow project agency has built an international network that enables its candidates to change their lives through a highly diverse choice of career opportunities and study programs. This choice will be made based on the personal aptitudes and aspirations of each one: the individual approach, in fact, is the key to success. Thanks to our experience we can offer a personalized service tailored to personal objectives which will be listened to, analyzed and contextualized by us in order to be able to reach them in the most effective way.

For the youngest, aged 7 to 16, Rainbow project agency offers a wide range of summer camps. We believe that educating children to multiculturalism can help to break down the boundaries of knowledge. Children will live a unique experience that will allow them to learn a new language and develop other intercultural skills (flexibility, empathy, curiosity, openness towards cultures other than their own) whose acquisition, in a strongly interconnected world such as what we live in is of fundamental importance. They will learn while having fun, through stimulating training courses that will favor their social and personal growth in safe and adequately organized environments.

We will work for you and with you, with the utmost seriousness and dedication.

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If you have questions, doubts, curiosity, or even suggestions, comments, greetings, write or call us. With us, it’s never too late to leave, we can organise your trip in just a couple of days, suitcase included!

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