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MALTA Junior English Summer Courses 

At Rainbow Project Agency we are happy to present Embassy Summer. Embassy Summer is a trusted global leader in full immersion junior language programmes with over 40 years of experience in delivering dynamic experiences to students from around the world. Our partner school works with global universities, colleges and schools. Learning English is only part of the journey. The language programmes  are for young learners aged 12-17, ,available from 1 week to 8 weeks during the summer and include exciting activities based around unique Embassy Life Skills. Summer camps also introduce international students to local social life and culture through a variety of exciting excursions. Embassy Summer courses are designed to ensure that students make the most of  their time . Not only do students get to improve their English but they are also supported with their personal development and they are provided with lots of opportunities to make new international friends. Embassy Summer are experienced at delivering outstanding programmes, with a 99% student satisfaction rate based on student feedback. The programmes also have a truly global nationality mix with students coming to our centres from over 85 different countries.

Culture, fun, education, language – these are the elements that give Embassy Summer its magic!
Contact us for a physical adventure such as swimming or hiking, or a social adventure such as a games evening, a disco or sightseeing with new friends. Students explore some of the most iconic and historic locations – all whilst being immersed in English Language.


From 2022, we are excited to be able to offer  students the option of a residential programme at the brand new University of Malta purpose built student residence, Campus Hub. Just a short journey from St Martin’s College, this brand new student residence offers a variety of room styles, all set above a piazza designed for student life. With a variety of food and shopping outlets, a small swimming pool and student common areas to relax in, the Campus Hub is a fantastic option for students looking for a more campus style feel to their summer school experience.

Key Facts:

Price: €1150 per week
Price includes tuition, trips, activities, accommodation, full board, and airport transfers

University of Malta

Dates: 23 June – 25 Aug

Ages: 12-17

Accommodation: Multi bedded rooms on university campus

Sample excursions: a trip to Comino, Mdina, Valetta and Sandy Bay

Our partner school has offered a host family programme in Malta for many years. Selected families are typically local Maltese families with years of experience in welcoming international students into their homes.

Students on the  host family programmes have breakfast and the majority of their evening meals with their families, and lunches at school. Families are all located within a 30-minute bus journey to school, with all lessons taking place at St Martin’s College. This host family programme is the perfect way for students to fully immerse themselves in the language and culture of Malta.

Key Facts:

Price: €1100 per week
Price includes tuition, trips, activities, accommodation, full board, and airport transfers

Dates: 23 June – 25 Aug

Ages: 12-17

Accommodation: twin/triple rooms

Sample excursions: a trip to Comino, Mdina, Valetta and Sandy Bay

The popular hotel residential option is back for 2022. Student stay in a hotel located on the north side of the island, close to the beautiful sandy beaches, which studying at St Martin’s College.

With shops and local amenities within walking distance, a swimming pool to relax by and a hotel style buffet restaurant to eat in, this is a firm favourite with students.

Key Facts:

Price: €1200 per week
Price includes tuition, trips, activities, accommodation, full board, and airport transfers

St. Martins College

Dates: 23 June – 25 Aug

Ages: 12-17

Accommodation: twin/triple rooms with shared bathrooms in a hotel

Sample excursions: a trip to Comino, Mdina, Valetta and Sandy Bay

English Programme


  • Engaging classrooms with a positive learning atmosphere.
  • 15 hours (20 x 45 minute) of lessons per week, morning or afternoon.
  • Taught by qualified English teachers.
  • Student ratios of 17 students per class.
  • We teach all levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • All courses include learning resources, materials appropriate to students’ age and level, and course certificate.

Real conversations

A typical Embassy Summer lesson will start with a speaking activity that will allow students to express their opinions (students might be asked to compare things or recommend something, ask for opinions, summarise a text or solve a problem). Depending on their level the teacher might pre-teach some functional phrases or highlight them during a feedback stage, the focus is to provide a platform for real conversations on engaging topics and for the teacher to help them to improve. All teachers receive training before they start and are supported by the academic team throughout the summer to enable them to deliver practical lessons with clear learning outcomes that improve students’ abilities.

Student-centred lessons

It’s important that students feel comfortable in lessons, that they are placed in classes with a good nationality mix wherever possible, which encourages them to use the language, to share opinions and discuss relevant topics whilst completing personalized communicative tasks. Teachers are trained and supported so they can run student-centred lessons that are fun and can give valuable feedback to students which will help them improve their level of spoken English and allow them to return home with added confidence and a higher level of proficiency.

Improve your English and learn Life Skills

Every step of the student journey is an essential element in developing their Life Skills. It starts right at the beginning when students leave their parents to study abroad and continues through to the end of their course. Once they arrive, the students begin meeting each other and soon begin making friends from all over the world. They try out new activities and take part in engaging English lessons. Students will be challenged to be responsible and independent in a supportive environment and be part of the global community. This environment creates the perfect conditions for our students to develop 6 essential Life Skills – confidence, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, exploration and creativity. These are skills that will continue to benefit them as students and throughout their future to adulthood.

Every Friday, all students have the chance to win an Embassy Summer goodie bag and a certificate in the Embassy Summer Life Skills Awards ceremony. The teachers and the Director of Studies will nominate students weekly and together with the Centre Manager, they will decide what students that will get awarded. The winning students will have demonstrated one of the Embassy Summer Life Skills in a successful way in the classroom, during activities/excursions or in general centre life.

Activities & Excursions

Action-packed activity programmes that have something for everyone,which vary from centre to centre. On-site activities can include: sports, karaoke, discos and film nights.Local half-day trips vary between destinations, they could be a visit to a museum, a day at the beach or a shopping mall.On the weekend, students go on full-day excursions to exciting and fun places.
During some weeks, groups will have morning lessons and afternoon activities, whereas other weeks, groups may have afternoon lessons and morning activities depending on the class schedules.


A great choice of safe and comfortable accommodation is offered in all destinations. Students can live like a local with a homestay, share a room with friends in a British boarding school, enjoy the comfort of their own room on a university campus, or take a break from studies and activities in their hotel residence.

All residential options are risk assessed to ensure the ultimate safety for our students. Residences are cleaned regularly and linen is provided in all  locations, towels are provided in some of our centres too. All residential accommodation includes common spaces for students to relax.
With days full of lessons and activities, it’s important that students have the right nutritional balance. They are offered suitable meals to stay healthy, focused and energised. All programmes include a variety of hot and cold meal items, and  can cater for most dietary requirements.


    If you have questions, doubts, curiosity, or even suggestions, comments, greetings, write or call us. With us, it’s never too late to leave, we can organise your trip in just a couple of days, suitcase included!